Thursday, February 28, 2008

In case the Lunesta Butterflies aren't doing the trick...

I've posted the most recent episodes of my on-going myspace story there. I don't post those ramblings on here as most of my readers are there. But hey, if you are bored, you are more than welcomed to check it out.

I post them as I complete them so they are in reverse order. The dates are listed with the episodes so you can use the myspace date filters on the blog to pull up the section you want.

Input is always welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!!

Oh, and I should mention that there is language and sex. But it isn't what you think. Some of my red state friends freaked out over Part I. Like it was all about sex. No no. Just had to establish that up front. *laugh*

Parts I, II – 12/30/07

Part III, IV – 12/31/07

Parts V, VI – 12/31/07

Part VII – 1/22/08

Part VIII- 1/22/08

Part IX- 1/27/07

Part X – 1/27/07

Parts XI, XII - 2/27/07

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