Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My head just exploded ... NKOTB? Holy Freshman Year, Batman!

I know I shouldn't be this excited. And honestly, cubbies, I wish I wasn't. I wish the news glided over me with just a whimsy of nostalgia.

That being said ...

OMG!!!! Break out the banana-clips, girls, 'cause it looks like Jordan, Donnie, Joey, Jon, and Danny are going to be getting out on that floor and doing The New Kids Dance.

As described to some friends, I am dancing around like I just got a Butterscotch My Little Pony, still in the original packaging (prrreeettty). As Mark wisely observed, I'm so retarded and I'm unashamed.

And to think I normally do verbose blogs citing the influence of Rousseau in episodes of "Married With Children". Kristy is a complex-critter.

I'm upside-down, victory pose on the sticky stripper-pole that is pop-culture. Throw some dollar bills, ya'll. Make some noise! Are you tough enough??



Some random stranger said...

Scariest. Reunion. EVER. Arent they in wheelchairs and wearing incontinence pants now?

www.NKOTBReunion.com said...

I hope they play a lot of their classics because I loved NKOTB while I was growing up.
New Kids On The Block was a big influence on me when I was younger and seeing them in a reunion tour or concert now would be fun. I wonder what they sound like now? I heard one of their new songs over at www.NKOTBReunion.com
Hope you like it too!